What Supplies Do I Need To Move Houses?

Boxes, markers, labels, and lists oh my!

Moving houses is an incredibly stressful journey. Planning out the move as much as you possibly can, will reduce stress and prevent mistakes from happening. You don’t want to pack up all of your kitchen supplies a week before you move!

You could hire a moving company to do all of the tedious work for you. According to what contract you have they will pack up your belongings, move them to your new house, and unpack them. If you choose to do the tasks yourself then there are some things you need to know.

Your number one must-have is the floor map or detailed description of your new house. This will be used to mark all of your boxes. If you/your family/the movers know where to put the boxes then finding everything when unpacking becomes a whole lot easier.

You will need more moving boxes than you think. Use boxes that won’t break easily, check your local stores to see if they are throwing out boxes they have from deliveries. When you box items up, label them with the room they are going to in your new house.

The best way to transport clothing is in plain rubbish bags, they are cheap and take up minimal space. Do not forget to label these as well! Seal your boxes and bags with packing tape, this will let you know if anything has been tampered with.

Use bubble wrap to wrap your furniture to prevent damage. Using bubble wrap to wrap up smaller breakables like dishes and decorations can get bulky and expensive. Use newspaper instead! Check your local newspaper stands for any old papers they are throwing out.

Keep an inventory list of what is in each box and bag. You won’t need to rummage through 20 different boxes looking for your T.V remote if you have everything listed. This will also help you keep track of anything that goes missing in the move.