Things You Need When Packing To Move House

Moving house can be incredibly stressful. Packing seems like the first step, right? Wrong! The first step is to plan your packing. This seems like an unnecessary thing to do but it relieves so much pressure during the packing process and makes unpacking a breeze.


To plan your pack you need a notebook, some loose paper/labels, a pen, and tape. Go around your home and label each room with its own number: kitchen = room 1, master bedroom = room 2, kid’s bedroom = room 3, etc.

Record the names of the room and the label in your notebook. You will use these labels when you get to the new house.

Now it comes time for the pack. You need cardboard boxes, more labels, plastic bags, newspaper or bubble wrap, your notebook, and a whole lot of patience unless you want to give Top Box a call to take all the stress off your hands.

You can find cardboard boxes for free from your local supermarket just ask them for their old boxes!

The first thing you will pack is your Basics Bag: toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, hairbrush, medicine, clean undies, some sanity, and deodorant. Now start packing up the room you use the least.

Label each box with their own number and with their corresponding room number: Room 3, Box 11. In your notebook, write down what you put in that box so you do not need to open a million boxes just to find your work shoes.

Now we get to the move. You will need many hands or a moving company. Get into your new home before you start unpacking and put up your room labels. Now when your friends, family, or the movers bring the boxes in, they know what room to put them in because of your beautiful label system.

You have your basics bag ready for the first night you are in your new home and a nicely written out list of where absolutely everything is! Plan, Pack up, and Goodluck!

Top Tip: Use blankets, towels, and linen to line the boxes that have your most fragile valuables. They act as a buffer and shock absorber!