Options for Getting Cheap Moving Supplies in Ireland

With all the hustle and bustle surrounding moving, your savings can be drained pretty quickly. Here are some of the best ways that you can be thrifty when it comes to getting cheap moving supplies in Ireland!

The best and cheapest method is to use what you have at home! Start collecting old newspapers and magazines as soon as you know you are going to move. Newspaper and magazines are great for wrapping breakables.

Ask friends and family to help you collect them too! Fish out your old phone books and rip out those pages to help you wrap and protect your possessions.

Top Tip: Go to your local market or newspaper stand and ask if they have any of the previous week’s papers that you could buy at a discounted rate. Many establishments will give them away for free because they are outdated!

Boxes can become quite expensive when you add up how many you need. Ask friends and family who have recently moved if they have some of their old moving boxes that you could take off their hands.

Go to your local market and ask them when they will receive their next delivery and if you can have the old cardboard boxes, once they have unpacked them. Because they have already been used, the shop cannot use them again!

You can get many free boxes this way!

Look for retailers that sell recycled boxes! Oftentimes, people will give boxes back to retailers because they are still in perfect condition. Retailers will then take these boxes and sell them for a reduced price.

You do not need to get rolls and rolls of bubble wrap to protect your fragile possessions. You can use your blankets and linen! Line the boxes with your blankets and linen. They act as cushions and as shock absorbers.

You do not need to use fancy labels, although they can be handy! Get a marker and write straight onto the cardboard box what is inside and what room it belongs to instead!

Clothing and curtains can take up a lot of space and therefore, a lot of boxes. Get yourself a roll of dustbin bags! Carefully fold your clothing and curtains and pack them into the dustbin bags!

Then before you tie them off, take your vacuum cleaner and close the mouth of the bag over the nozzle, and vacuum pack your clothes! Quickly tie off the bag and you have just decreased the number of bags, boxes, and trips you’ll need to take in order to move everything!

Use these tips to get cheaper moving supplies around Ireland. Every little bit saved now helps a lot in the long run. Plan your move carefully so money is not wasted. Use what you have at home to help minimize costs and maximize your savings!